Welcome to Howell Fertility Education!  Here you will find a portal to online classes to learn the Sympto-Thermal Method as taught by SymptoPro.  Whether getting married in the future, dissatisfied with your current method of family planning, or simply desiring to learn about your fertility and health, you can learn through the SymptoPro class series as taught by Virginia Howell.



Family planning is an important part of marriage: whether to avoid a pregnancy or to achieve one.  Learning the Sympto-Thermal Method as taught by SymptoPro, you will gain the skills needed to actively work as a couple to chart fertility, and make decisions together based off of this knowledge to either avoid or achieve.



Women's health is a hot topic today and for good reason.  Many are seeking ways to remain healthy, reduce risk for diseases such as cancer, and to also have a voice in the doctor's office.  Charting the menstrual cycle, as taught through SymptoPro, can give you an insight into your state of health and help you make informed decisions on how to care for your body.


Sympto-Thermal Method


no side-effects

avoid pregnancy

achieve pregnancy