Women, Know Your Care Options!

For far too long, hormonal birth control and Assisted Reproductive Technology have been uplifted as the liberators of women’s health and/or treatment for infertility. In reality, much better (and more affordable!) options exist, though sadly they are not as well known or "marketed".

Hopefully the list below will help you navigate what options are out there, and start off your health journey on the right foot. Some links also tie in with other medical practices, such as a mix of massage and herbalism, so be sure to go through the list thoroughly!

Natural Procreative Technology/NFP-Friendly MDs

NaProTechnology is a branch of modern medicine in women's health that utilizes NFP to properly test, diagnose, and treat gynecological afflictions. Men can seek fertility help as well!

OneMoreSoul NFP-Only Directory

FEMM Health Centers

FertilityCare NaProTechnology Centers  (You can find their “find a doctor” link to the side)

Guiding Star Health Centers

Justisse Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner Directory

Naturopathic Doctors (ND)

Naturopathic.org Online Directory

A note: NDs are very controversial, in that a lot of them are not recognized by official naturopathic organizations; this means that without prior research, you may be getting care from someone who is not properly trained or educated to help you. Be sure that they fulfill all requirements for certification and licensing in your state or district. You can learn more here.

Naturopaths/Holistic Practitioners

Holistic Health Clinics


American Herbalists Guild - Registered Herbalists

Natural Fertility Info Email Consultations



ACA Find A Doctor


International Confederation of Dietetic Associations

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

National Association of Nutrition Professionals Directory

American Nutrition Association Directery

Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners

tcm.org Directory

Ayurvedic Doctors

National Ayurvedic Medical Association Directory

International Ayurveda Directory

Books On Fertility/Health:

-The NaProTechnology Revolution (Thomas W. Hilgers, MD)

-Fertility, Cycles and Nutrition (Marylin M. Shannon)

-Fertility Wisdom (Angela C. Wu, LAC, OMD)

-Nourishing Traditions (Sally Fallon with Mary Enid, Ph.D.)

-A Woman’s Guide to Natural Hormones (Christine Conrad)

-Period Repair Manuel (Lara Briden, ND)

**Bonus: How Can I Pay For Integrative/Alternative Medical Care?**

Many alternative practitioners offer payment plans if their patient's insurance does not cover their specialty, or if they have no insurance at all. Many go into these professions out of a genuine desire to help others through their care, so don't shy away from asking about how they can help!

Some health practitioners can also work with patients/clients long distance: so ask if this is a possible option if a care provider you like is far away. They may still require the occasional visit but can instruct you over the phone, online, or through mail.

Did you find this list helpful? Should I add anything? Comment below!