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Costs for Online Sympto-Thermal Method Classes:

  • $112.50 for the ebook option
  • $137.50 for the paperback book option

If you are interested in my online classes to learn the Sympto-Thermal Method, please enroll here.

Costs for Online TwoDay Method Course:

  • $60 for one single, all-in-one class
  • Initial screening for method compatibility and follow-ups after learning are FREE

If you are interesting in my online classes to learn the TwoDay Method, please sign up below. I will contact you to schedule a Skype session.

Basic Fertility Awareness for understanding the menstrual cycle

  • $30 for one Skype session going over the basics of male and female fertility
  • This option does not teach you how to track your cycle, and future follow-up questions are subject to the $20/hour fee for Skype consultations.

For in-person classes of either method in the Greater St. Louis Area, feel free to follow me on facebook for any recent openings.  If you are here to sign up for said in person classes, email me below.

To set up a Skype Session, or to ask for more details about my classes through email, please message me below.


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